Answers to our most frequently asked questions

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How do I arrange a phone or tablet repair?
Please use this link to start the repair process. Simply choose your device type, device issue and enter your contact information. We will then set up a repair meeting for you with a Puls tech at a convenient time and location of your choice.
Who are the iFixapple technicians?

Trust and safety are very important to us. iFixapple technicians are experts in mobile device repair and smart home installations and are enthusiastic about providing technological expertise to alleviate your tech stress. All iFixapple technicians have been carefully vetted and screened and we require a comprehensive background check.

How long will it take to set me up with a technician?
We aim to provide a same-day repair meeting. Scheduling ultimately depends on the technician’s schedule and your own. We coordinate your repair request based on your preferred time and location, as well as our technicians’ availability.
How do I find out about the technician’s ETA?

Your iFixapple technician will text or call you when they are on the way to save the day!

What is the benefit of using iFixapple?

Imagine traveling to a repair store, searching for parking, and being separated from your device for hours. Our service alleviates all the pain points of the conventional device repair process, while ensuring your data is kept private and secure. Our online process is easy to use, our service is affordable on any budget, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our top quality parts and repairs.

After I set up my appointment, how can I contact iFixapple?

You can email us at or call us on +2348035150981

Do you provide a guarantee on repairs?
Yes! We use top quality parts and all of our parts and services come with a lifetime guarantee. We use OEM parts of very comparable quality for Apple devices.
What happens if I crack my screen again or if my device experiences another type of damage unrelated to the repair?
Our guarantee does not apply toward future accidents or uncorrelated damage after a completed service. For example, if the screen cracks again, is run over by a car, or dropped in a pool, then there will be a cost for the second repair(s) needed.
How do I pay?
We don’t request payment until after the repair or service is complete. Simply pay our technician after your appointment is done using the technician’s mobile phone. We accept all major credit and debit cards.
Do you accept cash?
How much will it cost?

Please use this link to view all devices and their pricing.

What kind of devices do you repair?

We are proud to support repairs for mobile devices including: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, MacBook and iMac. Contact us to inquire about support or repair for other devices.

My issue isn’t listed as an option. Can you fix it?

For all other issues, we’d be happy to connect you with a technician who can perform a diagnostic. Note: we do charge a fee for diagnostic tests. If the technician is able to diagnose and solve the issue, we’ll waive this fee and simply charge you for the needed repair. In the event that the issue is irreparable, you won’t be charged anything beyond the nominal diagnostic fee. This fee ensures that the technician is compensated for time spent traveling to your preferred destination and opening up your device.

What happens if my device can’t be fixed?
iFixapple technicians are able to provide screen replacements, new battery installation, and charging port replacements. If your device has another issue and the technician is unable to fix it, we won’t charge you anything beyond the diagnostic fee. This fee ensures the technician is compensated for travel time and time spent diagnosing your device’s problem.
How do I become a iFixapple tech?
We are always looking to add qualified technicians to our platform. To apply, simply click here to fill out an application.
Who do I contact about PR or marketing opportunities?
You are welcome to email our marketing department: