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Everyone loves gadgets, most especially the trending ones. You could wake up one morning to a new gadget you never imagined, just like our forefathers woke up to cell phones.

However, not all of these gadgets are necessary, we most times buy these gadgets and end up using them once or not even using them at all. A perfect illustration will be having over 5 pillows on our beds. We all know we use just one pillow except in the rare case, other than this fact the rest is just for aesthetics, they look good for the camera.

    This article will be a series discussing and sharing technological gadgets that I feel is necessary for our daily activities. Today, I will be writing on power banks.

We all know what power banks are, they come in different sizes, capacity, colours and shapes. They can be briefly described as portable devices that supply power from its battery via a USB port. Power banks are of different types, some are solar-powered, rechargeable etc. Some of the advantages of this device include;

  • Portability.
  • Provision of instant power to our devices.
  • It’s easy to use.

We can obviously see these devices are easy to carry around, they can conveniently fit into your pockets, purses and bags. So, don’t worry about excessive luggage if you are travelling.

Instant supply of power should be the number one reason for getting a power bank, if you’re like me that hates that low battery warning, kindly visit a gadget store and get one asap.

Considering the power situation of our country, I would even have more than one. Well, I have a friend who has 3 so you can get a dozen if you like.

Finally, power banks are easy to use, there is nothing technical about it. Just plug in your phone, Viola!

I hope you enjoyed this article, it’s nothing new but actually a quick way to refresh our minds on those lovely gadgets we should own.

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