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iPhone repair

Screen replacement, Water damage, Dead battery and more…

Expert technician, Lifetime guarantee.

MacBook repair

Screen replacement, MacOs installation, Motherboard repair and more…

Expert technician, Lifetime guarantee.

iMac repair

HDD replacement, MacOs installation, Motherboard repair and more…

Expert technician, Lifetime guarantee.

iPad repair

Power damage, Screen replacement and more…

Expert technician, Lifetime guarantee.

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What a tremedous transition, My iMac was fixed at home in less than an hour without trace of ever being touched. Guy Murray-Bruce

Vice President, Silverbird Group

Thank you for bringing my iPhone back to life after a long time broken screen. Appreciate. Rakesh Kumar

Chief Executive Officer, Raish information System

Incredibly amazed with the way my MacBook Pro was resurrected. So unbelievable. Kerry Agbonwanegbe

Chief Executive Officer, KGold Options Limited

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